Inspired by Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 and Renaissance paintings, we chose a rich pallet to paint the scene for our Summer jewelry: glowing golds, soft whites, royal reds, and hints of gray and blue. We draw reference to the forms and emotions of our favorite season; from "darling buds" to the radiant rays of the sun, each piece is designed to remind us of blooming life. Through local USA sourcing, we've created these tones in semi-precious crystals and precious stones: Rubies, Sapphires, Topaz, Quartz clusters, and Herkimer Diamonds. In collaboration with New York City visual storyteller and content creator, Nini Zhang, the Summer's Day collection comes to life against neutral interior tones, emphasized with textured whites. 

model + stylist Nini Zhang

photographersChloe ByrneAndrew Sapienza