Sundown Duo Ring

Sundown Duo Ring


The Sundown Duo Ring is crafted with Quartz and two dark tones of raw Fluorite. The Fluorite's muted shades of cool green and deep violet give this piece an end-of-the-day vibe, perfect for sunset bonfires and outdoor music performances. 

The braided gold ring band is adjustable, allowing for a variety of ring pairings. Ring is offered in whole sizes due to it being "open" and adjustable. 

Sundown Duo Ring is worn on the middle finger in the photos. Approximate measurement of individual setting (not including ring band): 0.5 x 0.5 X 0.375 inches

• Raw Fluorite & Quartz (Reclaimed) 
• 14K Gold-filled Ring Band (Recycled, USA)
• 23K Gold Leaf (USA)
• Bio Shellac (Non-Toxic, USA)
• Handmade in New York City

US Ring SIze:
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