Herkimer Diamond Duo Ring

Herkimer Diamond Duo Ring


Two tiny Herkimer Diamonds poise delicately in sculpted gold settings. These clear, naturally faceted stones reflect geometric glimmers of light, allowing for a minimal but bright aesthetic. The Herkimer Diamond Duo Ring will be your everyday piece: comfortable, elegant, and unique. 

The braided gold ring band is adjustable - Herkimer Diamond Duo Ring is worn on the middle finger in the photos. Approximate measurement of individual setting (not including ring band): 0.185 x 0.185 X 0.185 inches

• Herkimer Diamonds (NY, USA) 
• 14K Gold-filled Ring Band (Recycled, USA)
• 23K Gold Leaf (USA)
• Bio Shellac (Non-Toxic, USA)
• Handmade in New York City

US Ring Size:
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