Turquoise in Gold Double V Necklace

Turquoise in Gold Double V Necklace


Celebrating the Earth's natural forms, pieces of  turquoise and a single sphere of blue glass emerge from sculpted gold pendants, culminating in a double-tiered V necklace. Delicate gold chains carry both pendants. Each necklace has been crafted to enhance the exquisite imperfections and extraordinary color of the stones.

necklace chain is 18 inches for the top (short) tier, and 24 for the bottom (long) tier — approximate measurement of large nugget pendant: 1.5 x 0.375 x 1.625 inches

• Polished Turquoise (Upcycled) 
• Blue Glass Bead (Upcycled)
• 14K Gold-filled Necklace Chain (Recycled, USA)
• 23K Gold Leaf (USA)
• Bio Shellac (Non-Toxic, USA)
• Handmade in New York City

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