Celestial Bulb Necklace

Celestial Bulb Necklace


Inspired by the mysterious beauty of our universe, the Celestial Bulb necklace swirls in sculpted silver. The nuanced surfaces of the bulb billow from below a genuine silver-leafed dollop. Suspended from a long and delicate silver chain, this necklace is poised between innovative and classic sensibilities.

to view 18in and 26in chain lengths, see our Fluorite Necklace listing. approximate measurement of silver bulb pendant, not including chain:  0.75 x 0.25 x 1.75 inches

• Sterling Silver Chain (Recycled, USA)
• Sterling Silver Wire Twist (Recycled, USA)
• Fine Silver Leaf (USA)
• Bio Shellac (Non-Toxic, USA)
• Handmade in New York City

Chain Length:
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