Pine Needle Tea Bracelet

Pine Needle Tea Bracelet


Double sculpted settings host two beautiful Tourmaline crystals, glimmering in bright green. Wrapped in 23k gold, the natually glossy stones emerge from a delicate, hand-hammered gold bangle. The Pine Needle Tea Bracelet finds balance, warmth, and natural energy.

Bracelet is worn in a size 6 inch in the photos - approximate measurement of single setting (not including bracelet bangle): 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.25 inches

• Four 1.5 carat Raw Green Tourmaline (Reclaimed) 
• 14K Gold-filled Bracelet Bangle (Recycled, USA)
• 23K Gold Leaf (USA)
• Bio Shellac (Non-Toxic, USA)
• Handmade in New York City

Size (inches):
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Pine Needle Tea Bracelet - name inspired with lyric from Chadwick Stokes's song, "Pine Needle Tea"