To us, sustainability is mindful decision making on every level of production. Sourcing our materials is a key part of our sustainable effort. All of the manufactured and handmade materials that we use in our items are produced domestically in the USA, including our 100% recycled precious metal components. We reclaim many of our gemstones, and source all others from mines within the USA. Every piece from Make Wilde is handmade in New York City. 


Make Wilde’s products support a vision of quality over quantity. We provide personalized craftsmanship for all of our work; each item is hand-sculpted-to-order, ensuring custom and precise attention to your jewelry. We don’t cut any corners: our carefully curated sustainably-sourced luxury materials provide the highest quality for our community.


We design with nature in mind; we hope that this allows all of our items reflect a “found” quality, a raw yet elegant aesthetic. Part of our process includes allowing the gemstones to dictate the flow of our lightweight sculptural settings. Our jewelry is crafted in a completely unique style. We first wrap the gemstones in wire frames for structure; these frames are encased in free-form, lightweight plastic sculptural settings, which we then gild with 23K gold or fine silver, and finalize with a sealing layer of shellac; this process allows for our signature organic aesthetic.


We aim to create affordable luxury for a growing community of conscious humans who desire items that reflect their own values, items that are as unique as they themselves are: as natural, as beautiful, as inspired. We maintain an affordable price range for an aesthetic that is typically reserved for once-in-a-lifetime purchases.