Jewelry Sourcing

METALS - Our metal findings are supplied by Hoover and Strong - a certified eco-conscious jewelry fabrication facility; their precious metals are produced at the factory are 100% recycled, and conflict free (Made in USA). We also use precious metal leaf to gild our sculptural settings in 23K gold or fine silver (Made in USA). 

GEMS - Our locally sourced semi-precious and precious gemstones come exclusively from mines in the USA. Sapphires and Rubies come from Montana's Lovestone Mining area located on the Missouri River near Helena Montana. Herkimer Diamonds are sourced from Herkimer County, New York. Our Quartz Crystals come fro the mountains of Arkansas. California is the birth place of the Lake County Diamonds. Topaz from Utah, and Aquamarine from Colorado. These are just some examples of our local sourcing. 

Many of our larger, raw stones such as Rose Quartz, Fluorite, and Marble have been reclaimed from earth science education materials (Made in the early 2000s in the USA). Our smaller, polished gemstones and Pearls are reclaimed from antique or resale jewelry. (limited availability). 

FABRICS - Sheer pastel fabrics (Made in the USA), polyester velvets (Made in USA), and 100% pure silk velvets (handmade in the USA). Our miscellaneous fabrics are reclaimed from resale garments (limited availability). Our kimono pieces are reclaimed from vintage Japanese kimonos (limited availability).

BEADS - Whenever we use beads in our designs, they have also been "foraged" from antique or resale jewelry.  We select high-quality ceramic, metal, glass, or stone beads (limited availability).

CERAMICS - the ceramic pieces used in our designs are from broken ceramic plates, originally handmade with unique glazes in Mei, Japan.

PLASTICS - Our designs feature a biodegradable PLA (plant-based) made from renewable resources, such as tapioca (Made in the UK) and a hot-melt plastic (Made in Illinois, USA). We have a unique process for creating our free-form sculptural accessories: We seal the gilded surface of our designs using a seaweed-based shellac that is completely free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA and any solvents (Made in the USA).

GIFT WRAPPING - Our jewelry boxes are 100% recycled, made with renewable hydroelectric energy in the USA! We also use 100% recycled tissue paper (Made in USA). Our variety of boutique ribbons in velvet, recycled tissue silk, organic hemp twine, and organic cotton will change seasonally (Made in USA, of limited availability). we use MT paper tape (Made in Japan — we're open to suggestions for domestically produced paper tape!!)

THREAD - 100% organic cotton thread. (Made in EU)

**If you have questions about any materials used in our sculptural jewelry, send us an email and we will happily provide to you the information requested. See our FAQ for some definitions of terms or answers to questions.