Care & Use


Each sculptural accessory has unique care requirements depending on the materials and fabrication. Please follow the considerations included on this page and in your original item packaging. 

— Make Wilde sculptural accessories are delicate, and require gentle treatment —

The sculptural gilded settings are prone to unwanted wear under dramatic temperature changes, so do not leave your jewelry in a hot container, or wear it while in water, such as the shower or a hot tub. 

We use raw, unpolished gemstones in many of our designs. These raw stones are slightly porous, and therefore will absorb small amounts of liquid: try to put lotions, perfumes, oils, and sunscreen on before putting on any of our jewelry. 

Avoid alcohol, acetone, or other sterilizers on the "body" of your sculptural accessories. Sterilizing earring posts or earring hooks may be done with a precise applicator. 

Silks, velvets, and other fabrics might fray over time, and this is natural. To avoid snagging, keep your fabric pieces away from things that are sharp such as zippers, sequins, and velcro. 

— ring considerations —

As hands are very active parts of the body, please do wear your rings as you would a valuable garment, with gentle guidance on and off your fingers. This is requested due to the sculptural settings not exhibiting physical hardness features that solid metals do; if your rings should come under any stress, or if settings wear over time, let us know and we will happily repair them for you.



Scrub with Love:  Gently massage scrub onto wet skin in circular motions. Enjoy for 5 - 10 minutes, then rinse. Your skin will be moisturized from the natural oils in the scrubs. Repeat as needed: we recommend 1-3 times per week.

We suggest that you use a drain catch, if you have one, when using our body scrubs, to prevent debris such as flowers & coffee from going down the drain. 

All of our beauty products are 100% plant-based and organic, so please store your scrub in a dry, dark place such as a cupboard, to maintain quality. Separation is natural; stir before each use. Scrubs will have an approximate shelf life of 6 months.


Oils can be applied directly to the skin for moisturization and aromatherapy. We suggest using the bath & body oil during or after soaking. The roll-on oils are a perfect natural perfume, and can be applied to the wrists and neck, but can also be used as a touch-up to moisturize cuticles, hands, lips & face.

.Store your organic oils in a dark place such as a purse or drawer to maintain quality. Separation is natural; swirl lightly before use. Oils are 100% plant-based and will have an approximate shelf life of 8 months.