Our Artists


Having grown up within a family of artists, Chloe's interest in art and design began at a very young age. She spent much of her time painting, sculpting, and drawing, applying her artistic skills to her innate desire for innovation. She was, and continues to be, fascinated with our natural world. Chloe's curiosity often leads her to exciting discoveries about herself and the world around her.

Since her move to New York City, Chloe has studied and explored a variety of disciplines. With Andrew, she has directed and edited music and fashion videos. Chloe has also designed sculptural shoes and accessories for the past five years. Chloe is a musician, designer, and a self-proclaimed inventor. She completed an individualized study, titling her BA "Metaphor as an Instrument for Design", with a minor in Physics, from Gallatin at New York University. Chloe has worked on award-winning sculptures for Terreform ONE, and received the Rubin Prize for Visual Art for her own sculpture, "SquirtGun" in the spring of 2013.

Since childhood, Andrew has been an avid observer of the unfolding world around him. His family employed creative problem solving to build their own home, and Andrew contributed to the inspired projects for their home and lifestyle. 

When Andrew moved to NYC in 2011, he began a furniture company with his brother, Will. The pair designed and fabricated custom reclaimed-wood furniture for clients in the New York City area, and soon they were shipping their work across the US. Since then, Andrew has embarked on a number of creative projects. Andrew and Chloe have been designers together in the Gallatin Fashion Show 2014 and 2015. In his free time Andrew is a photographer and videographer, and considers himself a student of life and a humanist. He has a BA in International Studies and Spanish from Saint John Fisher College. He has spent time living abroad in Spain and also lived in Washington DC.

Apothecary Partner: Olesia

Born and raised in South Russia, Krasnodar, Olesia grew up surrounded by nature, near The Black Sea. Her family had an organic garden where she used to listen to her mother's beauty secrets while they were picking homegrown herbs and flowers. 

Olesia started modeling when she was 16 years old, and has lived abroad, traveling and working as a model. She has lived in Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Turkey, Lebanon, Spain, and Italy, as well as traveled to many more countries. In each new place, Olesia studied local herbs and plants, talking to local people and paying close attention to skincare regimes in different cultures. Many of Olesia's product ideas were born from these experiences; she fell in love with Japanese matcha tea while she was living in Taipei, Taiwan. Another memorable work experience brought Olesia even more natural beauty knowledge, as she modeled for a book about middle eastern spices and beauty secrets; the book described using local plants for health benefits, include turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and other spices and herbs. 

Always taking notes from nature, Olesia has a garden in East Hampton, NY, where she grows lavender, rose, mint, and other herbs that she uses in her skincare products. Each ingredient supports Olesia’s holistic philosophy for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.