Apothecary Sourcing

OILS - We use a wide variety of organic oils in our beauty products. Each oil has a specific purpose and health benefit, depending on the product. All of our body scrubs contain sweet almond oil, which is produced exclusively with edible almonds. Sweet almond oil is very mild, and great for sensitive skin; it delivers moisture and keeps skin soft. Sweet almond oil also contains vitamin A, which is known to help reduce clogged pores (produced in USA).

Vitamin E oil is also used in all of our beauty products. This oil is an antioxidant with powerful anti-aging properties. Vitamin E also acts as a natural preservative (produced in produced in CA, USA).

Our organic perfume oils & scrubs are unique. We add many carefully selected organic healing oils to our beauty products: grape seed oil (produced in Italy), castor oil (produced in NY, USA), rose essential oil (produced in NY, USA), lavender essential oil (Wildcrafted, Bulgaria), jojoba oil (produced in CA, USA), coconut oil (produced in CA, USA), and olive oil (Italy)

SUGAR - Our body scrubs use several organic sugars as natural skin exfoliants. Sugar also helps to hydrate the body by drawing moisture from the air into your skin. Our sugar selections include raw organic brown sugar (produced in the USA), organic cane sugar (produced in the USA), and raw coconut sugar (produced in CA, USA)

FLOWERS - In many of our items, we use organic flower petals and buds, as well as floral essential oils. We use crushed rose buds (produced in France), and we use rose petals and french lavender (grown and picked in Olesia's Organic garden in Hamptons, NY); all of these floral elements create a delicate and beautiful natural aroma. We also use rose essential oil, which has antibacterial, and antiviral properties, making it ideal for healing the skin when damaged (produced in NY, USA). We use organic calendula petals (produced in Egypt) and organic chrysanthemum buds (produced in China).

COFFEE - Freshly grounded organic coffee is used as an exfoliant in our body scrub. Caffeine, when applied topically to the skin, constricts blood vessels to help reduce swelling or redness (produced in the USA).

MATCHA - Japanese matcha green tea delivers antioxidants to the skin, promoting the maintenance of the immune system (produced in Japan).

MACA  - Maca root delivers nourishment to the skin. We use maca in our face scrubs to gently soften and enhance your natural glow. Maca is infamously known to be an aphrodisiac (produced in Peru).

CHIA SEEDS  - Chia seeds are anti-aging, with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, they are calming for the skin. We use premium organic chia seeds in our face scrubs (produced in Paraguay).

SEA SALT - Our natural sea salt is mineral-rich, enhancing the skins ability to retain moisture and elasticity (produced in Spain).


When applying any beauty product to your skin for the first time, perform a small patch test to an insensitive part of the body, such as the back of the hand. The health benefits of these ingredients have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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